Propelling women in Business through flexible inclusive and professional environments allowing them to parent also.

The Powerhouse Cubs is a space designed for our little ones so their parents can flourish and grow their businesses uninterrupted in a professional environment.

We are carving our own path and proving that parents and children can each get their needs met under the one roof. It’s time to change and we are the catalyst for change to happen in the way women can return to work after having children. Whilst women are building community and providing support to each other our cubs are doing the same in the next room.

“Something I didn’t foresee when starting the PH was how my two boys now aged 7 & 9 will come to view women in their lives. My boys think all mummies work at the PH, that we all have our own businesses, they are constantly surrounded by strong capable women. Already we are shaping the minds of our little men about the roles and capabilities we have as women” – AIMEE SHERRIFF (FOUNDER)


Powerhouse Cubs has been created to replicate an extension of our lounge room. A warm welcoming environment focused on play based learning. We have a ratio of 1-5 children of different ages ranging from 4 months to 5.

Our Cubs are creating their own village whilst their parents get productive in their businesses next door. Having a childcare onsite allows parental involvement during the day (e.g. for feeding mothers)

We have a small space with an outlook into greenery boasting active wild life of spiders webs and feeding catchers for the native birds that drop by.

Our programme sees the children go out twice a day in our purpose built wagon. ‘The Paddy Wagon.’ They leave each morning for their outing at 10.30am, have their lunch on the river and everyone is back for 12pm for sleeps. There is a quiet, dark sleep room with 3 porta cots and toddler mats for the main area for our toddlers. Even if your child has dropped their afternoon nap we still encourage everyone having quiet time, lying down reading or listening to soothing music.

After Naptime, kids get to go out again depending on how everyone has woken up and of course the weather. If staying in for the afternoon, they will get to do music, story time, reading, play based learning through rhythm and dance, water play, crafts and inspired play.

Because of our small unique setting this allows our childcare educators to really foster a gorgeous nurturing relationship with each child. Our Cubs become great friends and learn from each other through the different age groups.


To sign-up to an exclusive co-working plan, you must hold an official Powerhouse Membership.






Our Earth Angel

Ninas passion is for children, their spirit and heart is evident in the way she cares for our cubs. She is also a swim coach and currently studying early childcare, has first aid and her blue card and Nannies for most of our members outside of office hours. 



Brazilian Butterfly

Sylvia is an Architect that loves children and playing all day. Our cubs love playing and adventures with Sylvia and she has been a great fit to our space.




Noosa Co-Working Space
Weekdays: 8.00am - 5.00pm
Sundown Co-Working: 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Weekends: By Booking Only

Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 4.00 pm



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Unit 7, 10 Thomas Street, Noosaville QLD 4565