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Mon to Fri: 8:00am – 5:30pm

Weekends: By Booking Only


Mon to Fri: 8:30am – 4:00pm


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Unit 7, 10 Thomas Street
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What if I don’t like it or decide to go back from working from home? Am I locked in?

To cancel your contract all you have to do is fill out the Membership Cancellation form which requires 4 weeks’ notice.

I’d like my colleague to come work with me some days, is this possible?

Sure is, however they would just need to book a Hot Desk for the day.

Can I run workshops in my free boardroom hours?

You can however as long as they are free workshops, anything that you are charging for you’ll have to rent the Boardroom out.  Check out your discount code though as you do save by being a member.

Can I work in the evening?

Yes you can, however our current membership plans only allow working hours until 5pm.  From 6pm onwards you can jump on board our Night Co-working for only $8 (member rates) until 10pm.

I don’t really need a space to work out of as Im quite comfortable working from home but I crave social interaction, do you cater for this?

Sign up on our Social Membership, this keeps you connected from the comfort of your own home office.   Though our virtual Network you still get to experience a warm compassionate inclusive and collaborative environment without leaving your house PLUS you get to join us at events and social gatherings.  To check out the other benefits of the Social Membership look this up on the website.

What if I sign up and can’t come for a number of weeks, can I be reimbursed the days not used?

Think of our plans just like a gym membership.  It is up to you to get here and get productive.  We can’t handhold everyone however will encourage and motivate you if we haven’t seen you for a while but refunds won’t be given for days you are weeks you are unable to get in.  If it looks like it’s just not going to work for you all you need to do is fill our our Membership Cancellation form.

Both my husband and I work together, can he get a membership as well?

We currently offer Friday Men-folk where local Dads can come in to use our space to also grow their own community of Dads in business.  This is a great day for the men in our lives to really connect with each other and create what we have throughout the week.  At this stage we are female focused however you might like to look at our office space option in which case you could both work from there.

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