My Husband jokes and says, “I’m starting my own movement, it’s just for men and we are calling it, ‘We coming for ya’….”

“First thing to go will be Women’s Magazines” he says, “then that chick you like Constance someone, she’s gone, (Constance Hall)… Voting! going, you’ve done nothing good with that”, and on and on he goes. Now please bear in mind he is joking and does this in a comedic delivery to wind me up. But it’s what he says next which does have me questioning the rise of female empowerment.

He finishes off with a laugh and says “actually we won’t have to do anything you’ll all turn on each other and undo yourselves”…

Now I think we are making amazing steps towards a better world and future for our daughters etc. However I can’t help but think there is some truth in this comedic delivery of his that as women, especially in large groups we do have the potential to sabotage how far we have come. We are still so so nasty to each other. Look what happened to Constance Hall, a gorgeous human doing good and she got torn down by other women, but that’s known because she has a following, it’s also happening in offices, schools, families. It’s our relationship with each other that we really have to work on. It’s Horrid out there sometimes. I see my own Mum and Grandma do it, tear another woman down for how they look. So let’s not, for the love of G’wad, give my husband the satisfaction of going “see I told you this would happen”. Let’s ALL exercise love, consideration and care towards our own kind.  Let’s stop tearing women down for how they look or talk or parent or do business……….. whatever. Just remember at the end of the day behind the facade of having our eyes open and literally breathing in front of you we each have our own shit going on behind it all. One thing we all have in common though, is love.

EVERYONE just wants to be loved so exercise that shit daily.  And let’s continue to rise.  There is such an amazing future ahead of us all.